National Tree Week 2017 activities

Press release

Keresley Grange Primary School to help plant fruit trees for The Tree Council’s National Tree Week

Children from Keresley Grange Primary School will be making deep-rooted changes to the landscape and environment at Coundon Hall Park as they plant fruit trees to mark The Tree Council’s National Tree Week (25th November to 3rd December 2017).

With the help of a grant from The Tree Council, the leading UK tree campaigning partnership 10-12 Keresley Grange Primary schools aged 4 to 11 will be planting apple trees and a fruit hedge on Monday next week as part of a new Peace Orchard at Coundon Hall Park in Coventry.

Dennis Davison - Normandy Day UK founder

The planting session is one of nine sessions being organised by Coventry peace education charity Normandy Day UK and led by Coventry City Council’s Parks team. The Peace Orchard is the dream of D-Day veteran, 94 year old Dennis Davison who, for many years, has wanted to see an apple orchard planted in Coventry as a legacy to the apple orchards of Normandy where he and many others fought for peace in 1944 as part of the D-Day Campaign.

Over 100 residents, Cardinal Newman and Coundon Court secondary schools and local groups have so far taken part activities such as project planning, tree planting, hedge planting and fence building. An online resource about orchard history and management, the apple orchards of Normandy and Coventry’s role as the city of peace and reconciliation will be created by Cardinal Newman and Coundon Court schools.

The Tree Council’s Director-General, Pauline Buchanan-Black, said, “As well as growing apple trees, children will grow their understanding of the value of trees for nature, biodiversity and sustainable food. Planting an orchard is a long-term commitment to producing fresh, sustainable, locally grown food, as well as providing a valuable habitat for wildlife such as bees and butterflies. Tree Council grants allows children to get outdoors, connect with nature and learn about the many other benefits of trees, instilling a lifelong interest in nature amongst our children, regardless of their background or beliefs”.

John Astley, Deputy Head at Keresley Grange School, said, “Our local community is very important to us and by planting on our doorstep, we hope that our children will feel a great sense of pride in contributing to such an important project. It will help us all to remember an important part of our history in Coventry, as well as developing our understanding of the importance of trees and orchards to wildlife, biodiversity and people. We hope that each year our school can take other groups of children to work in and use the orchard.”

The Normandy Day UK charity is one of the groups across the UK that made a successful application for a share of the Tree Council grant fund.


Further information:,, Andy Duncan at AJD Regeneration 07939 105706.

The Peace Orchard project is a partnership between peace education charity Normandy Day UK, Coventry City Council and local schools. The site is located just off Tamworth Road near the junction with Long Lane. Other planting and activity days are being held for schools.

The Peace Orchard project is sponsored by Postcode Local Trust, Big Lottery, the Tree Council and the Woodland Trust.

About National Tree Week

National Tree Week 2017 will run from 25th November to 3rd December 2017 and is the annual celebration to raise awareness and appreciation as well as encourage planting. Launched in 1975, it followed the success of Plant a Tree in ’73 and Plant Some More in ’74.

About The Tree Council

Environmental charity The Tree Council, founded over 40 years ago, is an umbrella body for over 150 organisations working together for trees – planting, caring for and enjoying them – and a forum for tackling issues relating to trees and woods, with promotion of tree values placed at the heart of its mission. It focuses on making trees matter to people; more trees, of the right kind, in the right places; better care for all trees of all ages and inspiring effective action for trees. It works with its national volunteer Tree Warden Scheme and member organisations to engage people in biodiversity and environmental issues and to promote planting and conservation of trees and woods in town and country.

A major part of this is achieved through its annual Community Action Programme (see below for 2017-18 dates) and through supporting groups organising local events. It also operates a tree-planting grants programme for UK schools and communities to plant trees and create woodland habitats, as well as working with members on an agenda for change.

2017/2018 Community Action Programme

The 2017-18 programme, which started with Seed Gathering Season in September/October, will explore and promote the value of trees to people and environment at all stages in their life.

National Tree Week

Saturday 25th November – Sunday 3rd December 2017