Grant applications

We await the outcome of an application to the government’s Covenant Fund for our one-year ‘Young Peace Ambassadors’ project, which aims to engage schools, veterans and refugees in creating and sustaining a network of young people in 16 schools committed to working for peace and unity in their everyday lives.

Young Peace Ambassadors is an inter-generational, multi-cultural project that will engage Armed Forces veterans and refugees who have experienced conflict with 10-18 year olds in Coventry and Warwickshire schools. Working with sessional artists, schools will select an anniversary of peace or conflict to commemorate during 2016. Veterans or refugees will share their experiences of war or conflict with year groups and work off-timetable with sessional artists in smaller groups to create artworks that will stand as a legacy to the veterans’ experiences and the historical event being commemorated. Schools will be encouraged to set up Peace and Justice groups. The whole project will be filmed.

The project will begin with a launch conference involving staff and young people from participating schools, veterans, refugees and artists and will end with a closing conference to display the artworks, commission peace ambassadors and show the film.